Self-Leadership with Michelle Gaza – Episode 7

Happy Blue Storm Wavespell!

This Wavespell is about transformation and self-generation in order to attain new beginnings. Blue Storm represents the thundercloud full of purifying rain, and the lightning that shatters the false matrix. Blue Storm is the purification of the body temple and the ignition of the light body.

Episode 07 – Self-Leadership with Michelle Gaza

“We are not created equal, we are created UNIQUE!”

This theme synchronizes with my guest this episode, Michelle Gaza. We discuss her Activation Coaching school which uses Human Design and Internal Family Therapy Systems as well as Lucid Dreaming and Advanced Lightwork to transform the not-self paradigm conspiracy epidemic and cross the proverbial bridge to true Self-Leadership, Sovereignty, and Higher-Self Embodiment. This is my longest episode yet, over 100 minutes long!

Living Matrix with Bella Krystal – Episode 6

Happy White World-Bridger Wavespell!

This Wavespell is all about finding balance between our human nature and our spiritual nature. When we learn how to find this balance and bridge our worlds of both being human and spiritual beings we experience inner unity to integrate all parts of ourselves.

Episode 06 – Living Matrix with Bella Krystal

“Follow your own unique rebellious spirit out into the world!”

This theme synchronizes with my guest this episode, Bella Krystal, and her message of physical embodiment and tantra while also very tapped into what she calls the Living Matrix.

Bella weaves many paths into one, threading tantra and shamanism into everything she does. Gene Keys & Human Design reveal the gifts and challenges encoded in our DNA and empower us to transmute shadow patterns into gold. We start living to the fullest – aligned with our Genetic Blueprint and Soul – serving the whole through our creative expression. Enlightenment isn’t about transcending the physical body – it’s about grounding in our physicality and opening the heart. We allow life force to move through us, with its extraordinary power to unlock unprecedented levels of awareness, divine trust, love, and intimacy.

UFOs + Intuitive Vedic Astrology with Serena Wright Taylor – Episode 5

Happy Red Skywalker Wavespell!

The energy of this Wavespell is all about Space, Explore, and Wakefulness so it feels fitting to discuss paranormal activity, extraterrestrials, and all things related to Spirit in my latest episode.

Episode 05 – UFOs + Intuitive Vedic Astrology with Serena Wright Taylor

I first heard about Serena while attending the Portal to Ascension Conference last year and I was intuitively drawn to want to speak to her. After visiting her website, Vimana, it confirmed for me that she had answers to the “fringe data” I was interested in investigating.

Vimana means “Starship” in the ancient Vedic text that Serena has studied and there are actually three types of Vimana ships mentioned. In this episode, we explore this phenomenon as well as astral traveling with benevolent beings in the dream state, the current Golden Age of this Kali Yuga time cycle, connections with Soul Family, Vedic Astrology and how our charts may connect to UFOs, Intuitive readings with Tarot, and so much more!


Neptune: Lost in La La Land

The ruler of dreamy, sensitive Pisces, Neptune has the second strongest gravity in the solar system after Jupiter. No wonder Piscean people have such a magnetic pull! With its perpetual storms and active climate, Neptune is known for whipping up drama and confusion. It can have a disorienting effect, making it hard to stay in touch.

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