Happy Yellow Human Wavespell!

This Wavespell is all about free will and wisdom from our own experiences in order to influence. Yellow Human asks you to strengthen and clear your physical vessel in order to prepare for the expanded energies of higher mind and reminds us that we have the power of choice, and those choices influence the culture we choose to be in.

Episode 08 – Conscious Parenting with Alex Cantone

My guest this episode, Alex Cantone, empowers parents to choose to consciously parent their children with the help of Human Design. Her focus lately has been using the Human Design system as it relates to digestion aka PHS (Primary Health System) as we are all different, and therefore we all need to be nourished differently!

“We can not let our negative experiences and conditional upbringing get in the way of our child’s natural-born right to express themselves fully.”

Alex runs an intuition-led platform called The Conscious Parent Guide where she uses the Human Design system to educate parents who are seeking support with their child’s learning and development through a more conscious lens. Her intention is to guide parents in reframing their understanding of the role they play as a parent in hopes of supporting their child’s unfolding into their most authentic version.


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