Blue Storm Wavespell

Unify in Order to Catalyze, Attracting Energy, Power of Self-Generation

The Blue Storm Wavespell brings us 13 days of transformation and change! While many of you, including myself, may have experienced the birth-death-rebirth cycle during this past White World-Bridger Wavespell, now the Blue Storm Wavepsell is the real initiation by fire. There are very active potent energies right now and so it is a great time to liberate and purify yourself!

One powerful technique that will help you in your transformation and purification process is to meditate, opening yourself to Spirit and infusing your entire being with light and love.

May we leave all that is no longer serving us behind, and let the Storm Catalyze transformation and energetic power in order to attain a new beginning of Higher Consciousness.

Episode 25 – Enneagram Tritype with Katherine Fauvre

Enneagram Tritype® is an innovative way of using the Enneagram system, helping us to understand our motivations, defense strategy, and focus of attention. Tritype theory suggests that while individuals primarily utilize one of the main Enneagram Types as their ‘core type,’ everyone actually employs three central Enneagram Types – the one that is the most dominant within each center of intelligence (the Head (567), Heart (234) and Gut (891) centers respectively).

In this episode, Katherine, the originator of Tritype® theory, helps to explain ALL 27 Tritypes as well as Wing Theory, how this system relates to business, and even some synergies with the Myers-Briggs (MBTI) system as well as Vedic Astrology.

If you are interested in taking Katherine’s newly revised test, please visit:




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