Adrian masterfully explains both the Law of Time and Human Design and their synergies, linking both the founder of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu, and the founder of the Law of Time, Jose Arguelles, even though they never met.

The (12:60) calendar is a measure, it was a way the Romans used to gather their taxes, the consciousness that time is money has its roots in this. On the other hand (13:20) the Mayan synchronometer or synchronicity is based on harmony, it’s connected with the solar system, and the moon, and the planets, and every day has a different color and a different name and it’s all so harmonious and beautiful. Then you can experience and feel what you create, through Time as Art. The main purpose of the Human Design system is you get to do an experiment with yourself – to follow your strategy and make decisions as yourself. What you’re actually doing is you’re releasing the mind, from the illusion that there are so many choices and so many options that there needs to be this whole reasoning process to understand what’s best. The purpose of the mind is not to make decisions, it is to be the observer, the passenger, and let our bodies, which is the form, guide us through this plane.


Adrian is a facilitator of the Law of Time and Human Design which he calls twin systems. Since 2002 he has been researching the Law of Time derived from the Mayan culture while traveling around South America, and since 2013 he has been studying and experimenting with the Human Design System. Adrian now hosts workshops and individual sessions for Human Design both online and in Patagonia where he lives and is working on spreading the message of the Law of Time as well as the research about how these two systems integrate with one another and how to apply all of that with practicality in our everyday lives.





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