Seekers Library Podcast - Horary Astrology - Guest: Mark Flaherty

Yellow Warrior Wavespell

Unify in Order to Question, Attracting Fearlessness, Power of Intelligence

Welcome to the 16th Wavepsell of the Dreamspell journey! The theme for the next 13 days is the Power of Fearlessness and Planning. Also, 16 is the number of unity with the cosmic foundation of resonant evolution. The Warrior within is asking us to question the beLIEfs that we accept as Truth and instead TRUST your intuition, your inner voice, your moment-to-moment inner guidance, your feelings. Trust in Spirit to provide all you need, and trust that what is given will serve your highest evolution. The Staff in the Yellow Warrior glyph image is a symbol of learning to stand in your sovereignty and powerful authority. Tune into the galactic intelligence and allow the guidance and communication to come through effortlessly. AND Happy (RAVE + Chinese) New Year! + First New Moon of the Gregorian Decade! Again, WOW! What a powerful time to be AWAKE and AWARE of these energies! The RAVE New Year began on 1/22 and moves us into Gate 41 (Human Design and Gene Keys) which is the only Initiating codon!!! It’s the gate of fantasy and gives us the ability to really dream big! And to reiterate we are in a beautiful time where there are ZERO planets in Retrograde! Now is a perfect time to seed the dreams of world peace and any other “greatest good” dreams that you can imagine! This New Moon portal is asking us to let go in order to move forward, and the power of the Metal Rat year in Chinese Astrology brings precision and the initiation of great change with tremendous optimism. Be OPEN to whatever is meant to BE!

Episode 16 – Horary Astrology with Mark Flaherty

My guest this episode is Mark Flaherty, a Consultant Astrologer, author, and retreat organizer who lives in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. As a self-proclaimed skeptic by nature, we address the importance of experiencing astrology for yourself and many other aspects of Astrology including Horary Astrology. Essentially horary questions are a test of what our true desire is in a situation. Desire comes from the Latin de sidere, which means ‘from the stars’. This is another way of saying ‘Divine Will’. And hence when we ask a horary question we are essentially saying ‘Is this Divine Will?





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