Happy Red Serpent Wavespell!

Unify in Order to Survive, Attracting Instinct, Power of Life Force

This Wavespell marks the beginning of a new Castle in the 13 Moon calendar – the Blue Castle of Transformation. This is definitely an intense and passionate time (not to mention Mercury in Retrograde!) filled with portals and opportunities to help us accelerate our evolution. My guest this episode, Jacob Rhythmic Dragon, is the Director of Communications for the Foundation for the Law of Time, so he is extremely knowledgable about the 13 Moon calendar (or synchronometer!) and in fact, he sends out his own newsletter every Wavespell and offers an awesome FREE course 7 Ways to Embody and Apply the 13 Moon Calendar. He recently made a video about the current Self-Existing Moon of Form that is very informative, check it out here. We dive into New Time and how we are Swimming in the Sea of Synchronicity and that Ocean is waiting for us constantly.

Episode 09 – New Time with Jacob Rhythmic Dragon

Jacob is the Director of Communications for the Foundation for the Law of Time and has shared his knowledge over the last 16 years with thousands of people around the world. Having studied directly with the Founder of the Foundation for the Law of Time, Jose Arguelles. He also served as his trusted personal assistant since 2003 and now works directly with Stephanie South. Jacob emphasizes the exploration of the direct experience of the codes of time, and from 2016 to present he has written more than 50 essays, sent every thirteen days via his 13 Moon Calendar Essentials newsletter.

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