Seekers Library Podcast - UFOs & Vedic Astrology - Guest: Serena Wright Taylor

Happy Red Skywalker Wavespell!

The energy of this Wavespell is all about Space, Explore, and Wakefulness so it feels fitting to discuss paranormal activity, extraterrestrials, and all things related to Spirit in my latest episode.

Episode 05 – UFOs + Intuitive Vedic Astrology with Serena Wright Taylor

I first heard about Serena while attending the Portal to Ascension Conference last year and I was intuitively drawn to want to speak to her. After visiting her website, Vimana, it confirmed for me that she had answers to the “fringe data” I was interested in investigating.

Vimana means “Starship” in the ancient Vedic text that Serena has studied and there are actually three types of Vimana ships mentioned. In this episode, we explore this phenomenon as well as astral traveling with benevolent beings in the dream state, the current Golden Age of this Kali Yuga time cycle, connections with Soul Family, Vedic Astrology and how our charts may connect to UFOs, Intuitive readings with Tarot, and so much more!









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