Seekers Library Podcast - Wealth Vector System - Guest: Catherine Ord

Red Moon Wavespell

Unify in Order to Purify, Attracting Flow, Power of Universal Water

Welcome to the 17th Wavepsell of the Dreamspell journey! This wavespell also kicks off the Green Castle of Transcendence or Enchantment, the last 52 days of this 260-day cycle. Those following the codes have the power of magical flight and the experience of reality as a natural synchronous flow! The theme for the next 13 days is the Power of Feeling and Flowing – a time when we enter into the creative flow and actually be the flow through our expanded presence.

Episode 17 – Wealth Vector System with Catherine Ord

My guest this episode is Catherine Ord. Catherine is a creative entrepreneur & spiritual mentor who provides insightful counsel to entrepreneurs and leaders so that they can make better, empowered decisions. She guides her clients and students on their entrepreneurial journey to clarity, meaning and direction in themselves and with others. Her unique, proven practice uses the Wealth Dynamic Vector Cards to access deeper insights from the I-Ching, Book of Changes, and proven strategy & tactics of Wealth Dynamics and the entrepreneurial profiles.

Wealth Dynamics helps you gain greater self-awareness in business as entrepreneurs and leaders. And the Wealth Vector System is Catherine Ord’s unique method of helping entrepreneurs achieve flow within themselves and their business and gain insight to inspire action with clarity, focus, and direction. The Wealth Dynamics Vector Cards are modern-day tarot cards for entrepreneurs and business leaders that have been proven by Catherine to be a conscious communication tool!





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